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President: Paula Chambers
Vice-President: Laura Carlyle
Secretary:  Patricia Garrity
Treasurer: Elizabeth Dean
PRR Chair: Marty Cosgrove

Negotiating Team
Paula Chambers
Suzanne Budzynkiewicz
Kevin Coakley
Marty Cosgrove
Pam Dallaire
Pam Tremarche
Laura Carlyle

Building Reps
FD: Mersh Kanis
Pam Tremarche
Joan Doyle

OR: Pam Dallaire
Rich DeVellis
Arly Davis

WG: Donna Tuohy
Jeff Duffany
Nancy Sicard

HS: Gary Linehan
Laurie St. Pierre
Marty Cosgrove

SECTY: Elaine Dumas

ESP: Maureen Harrington
Susan Curran

David Archambeault
Doug Hill

Staff forms
Political Action

Online Renewal

New Teachers Evaluations

MTA Online Workshops

Twitter with MTA

Retired Teachers
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